New tool helps businesses secure their IT assets

One of the major challenges faced by IT and security teams is that they don't have a clear picture or understanding of all their assets -- laptops, servers, cloud, virtual, and IoT.

This leads to a lot of time and effort trying to identify what they have and decide whether it complies with security policies. Device security platform Armis is launching a new standalone asset management solution that's designed to deliver better visibility.

"With the acceleration of digital transformation initiatives, securely enabling employees to work from home long-term, and the adoption of 5G, there is even more of an explosion of connected devices and most organizations do not fully know what assets they have, where they are connected, what vulnerabilities and risks they pose, and what policies they comply resulting in a massive blind spot. This blind spot creates compliance issues and opportunities to be exploited by bad actors," says Yevgeny Dibrov, CEO at Armis. "Our customers, which includes many Fortune 100 organizations, have a critical need for one source of truth for all assets and to eliminate the blind spot, and the solution we've delivered to market addresses that across any industry, with no costly deployment and near zero effort."


Armis Asset Management aims to eliminate security blind spots and provides five times greater visibility. It offers a complete inventory of all assets -- identifying and classifying all assets (managed, virtual, cloud, or unmanaged) in an environment by combining data from other systems to create one source of truth.

It also reduces risks and security issues by identifying devices, apps, operating systems, CVEs, etc. and assigning risk scores to all assets.

It integrates with IT and security management solutions to orchestrate actions such as notifying SOC systems, deploying endpoint agents, running a vulnerability scan, even blocking or quarantining devices.

Designed for quick and effortless deployment it has hundreds of available adapters without the need for costly network appliances or scanners.

You can find out more on the Armis site.

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