Check out Windows 10X on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Windows 10X on Surface Pro 7

We've heard a lot about Windows 10X -- Microsoft's answer to Chrome OS -- and as we celebrated the arrival of 2021, the operating system leaked online. This has not only given people a chance to get a glimpse at what's to come -- and try it out for themselves -- but also to get the OS up and running on a variety of devices.

Indeed, one dedicated hacker has managed to get Windows 10X running on a Surface Pro 7. What's more, it all works pretty well.

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So far people have managed to get Windows 10X running in a virtual machine, and even an M1-based Mac. But what most people will want is the ability to run the operating system on standard hardware and use it as their primary OS -- assuming they want to use it all, of course!

Self-certified "Device Bricker" as well as a UX designer student, ADeltaX shared news of running Windows 10X on Surface Pro 7 (specifically the i5-1045G4 / 16GB / 256GB model) via Twitter:

He also shared a short video on YouTube showing Windows 10X in action:

As you can see, pretty much everything works as you would expect, and it responds very well to touch and stylus usage.

Image credit: ADeltaX

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