CybelAngel helps uncover hidden risks from shadow IT

Shadow IT

Digital risk protection platform CybelAngel has updated its offering to include asset discovery and monitoring in order to help businesses identify hidden risks.

It can uncover hidden, rogue or obscure devices and services existing outside of the security team's awareness and control. These shadow assets include file servers, cloud databases, connected industrial systems and IoT devices.

"This is a major topic for all our customers who are facing challenges when it comes to monitoring their fleet of devices, think of new types of IoT devices that come around, think about a CCTV camera, but also the printer in the office that may leave a port open and expose specific assets or include a specific vulnerability that is breached," Camille Charaudeau, CybelAngel's VP of strategy says.


CybelAngel Asset Discovery and Monitoring is a shadow IT discovery solution coupled with port and vulnerability scanners. It operates to uncover previously unknown accounts and devices that threaten to compromise volatile data and credentials. The service covers a wide set of misconfigured, unauthorized, decommissioned or otherwise hidden assets. These include IoT devices, remote desktop services, DevOps tools, connected storage, and more.

By uncovering these risks businesses can understand where they need to plug gaps and help defend themselves against ransomware and other attacks.

"The point is we're not here to do an inventory of what you know, we're here to help you discover what you don't know yet, which is the shadow risk," adds Charaudeau. "So we start with a couple of keywords that correspond to your friends, and we see if there are IPs and devices out there that use these and potentially expose or compromise some of the information. So it's really about finding those IP devices and then beginning to understand how it's affecting your company and what's the risk."

You can find out more on the CybelAngel site.

Photo Credit: Hans-Joachim Roy/Shutterstock

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