AI-powered Deep Nostalgia tool brings old photos to life

Most of us have old photos of family members, with some people having pictures dating back to the 1800s. If you've ever wondered what those ancestors would look like moving, you can now find out. At least to an extent.

My Heritage has introduced an AI-powered tool capable of animating your old photos. The example at the bottom of this story is a picture from around 1880. 


The company says of the service, named Deep Nostalgia, "Over 1 million photos were animated in the first 48 hours alone. Today we expect to pass the 3 million milestone. Users have responded with wonder and emotion: some were awed to see ancestors they’d never met -- some from over 100 years ago -- move, blink, and smile, while others were moved to tears witnessing their lost loved ones in motion after so many years with only still photos to remember them by."

The tool is free to use for the first few images; just upload a photo and get started. Now if we could just talk to those old folks..... 

You can access Deep Nostalgia here.

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