ARCTIC launches MX-5 thermal paste

When you are a system builder, there are certain important aspects that can sometimes get overlooked. For instance, many builders will opt for a cheap power supply and then wonder why their system crashes or is unstable. I know a PSU isn't as exciting as a CPU, GPU, or RAM, but it is still an important component.

Another overlooked thing? Thermal paste -- that gooey stuff that sits between your processor and its cooler. True, some CPU coolers come with pre-applied thermal paste nowadays. And yes, that stuff is probably fine for most regular users. If you care about cooling, however, and you plan to overclock or game, you should wipe off that pre-applied junk and apply a better compound.

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ARCTIC has long been making cooling products like fans, but also, its thermal paste is legendary in the PC building community. Not only is ARCTIC paste known for low temperatures, but it is usually very affordable too. Today, the company launches its all-new metal-free MX-5 thermal compound, and it is priced very competitively.

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"Regardless of the application method, applying MX-5 is very easy thanks to its low viscosity. The paste can be evenly distributed across the CPU in an extremely thin film via contact pressure from the heat sink. Combined with high thermal conductivity, this results in very low thermal resistance, which can contribute to improved service life and processor performance," says ARCTIC.

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The company also says, "MX-5 uses carbon microparticles as a filler to smooth out small imperfections on heatsinks and heatspreaders, improving heat transfer from the component to the heat sink. It is suitable for use on all CPUs and GPUs, whether they are in PCs, laptops or consoles. MX-5 is also recommended for integrated circuits with high waste heat and for power semiconductor devices."

The ARCTIC MX-5 thermal paste is available immediately here for a shockingly low price -- $11.99 for 8g. Yes, folks, for a penny less than 12 bucks, you can score a tube of quality thermal paste that should last you for many years and several builds. This purchase is a no-brainer.

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