Threat data helps enterprises strengthen security


Threat data feeds can help enterprises strengthen their cybersecurity posture, according to a new report from Ponemon Institute, sponsored by IT services company Neustar.

A majority (79 percent) of the more than 1,000 security professionals taking part in the study say threat data feeds are essential to their organization's ability to achieve a strong cybersecurity posture, and 55 percent rate the quality of their threat feeds' ability to pinpoint cyberthreats as very high.

Benefits of threat data feeds include; adding unique data to better inform security (71 percent), increasing preventive blocking to ensure better defense (63 percent), reducing the mean time to detect and remediate an attack (55 percent), and reducing the time spent researching false positives (51 percent).

On the downside 56 percent of respondents also say threat feeds deliver data that is often too voluminous or complex to provide timely and actionable intelligence.

"Facing an increase in the volume, sophistication and diversity of threats, enterprises are investing significant resources into threat intelligence solutions to bolster their cyber defenses," says Michael Kaczmarek, senior vice president at Neustar. "Solutions that deliver real-time information on active threats, like Neustar's UltraThreat Feeds service, can quickly deliver ROI across many layers of an organization's defense by improving the performance of network and application security tools -- such as SIEMs, TIPs, Next Gen Firewalls, IPS/IDS, WAFs, and DNS Firewalls -- which require threat data to effectively detect and block malicious actors."

Each of the organizations surveyed faced an average of 28 cyberattacks in the past two years. On average, respondents say 38 percent of these attacks were not stopped because security teams lacked timely and actionable data. Respondents also report that 50 percent of all attacks can be stopped using timely and actionable intelligence.

You can find out more about threat intelligence feeds on the Neustar site.

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