IBM simplifies development for the hybrid cloud


As more and more businesses move to a hybrid cloud model it poses a challenge for developers who need to manage the complexities of the infrastructure alongside coding.

IBM is giving developers new ways to quickly get cloud-native apps up and running with its Cloud Code Engine. This allows the deployment of an application running on a developer's laptop to the cloud in seconds, without additional work required at the developer's end.

Code Engine allows developers to bring their source code or a container image, tell IBM how they want their workload to behave and Code Engine will address the rest. Additionally, Code Engine allows clients to only pay while code is running which makes cloud-native development more accessible to companies of any size.


The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is using Code Engine to help developers accelerate biomedical data mining. After switching from another cloud provider to IBM Cloud and using Code Engine to run its METASPACE open-source cloud software, EMBL has found that scientists can sift through a queue of data in minutes, whereas before it would have taken them hours.

Swedish logistics platform company SiB Solutions is also using Code Engine to build a solution that uses cameras on a warehouse floor to flag errors before they cause supply chain issues. By using Code Engine, SiB is easing the strain on its developers by freeing them from the need to configure complex infrastructure.

"When we first developed this software, we knew we had an important solution for the logistics industry that could help mitigate supply chain headaches," says Sverrir Valgerisson, CTO, SiB Solutions. "While we previously had to tailor our software around different cloud services, IBM Cloud Code Engine now manages the process around our specifications for how we want the software to behave, which alleviates a huge administrative burden."

You can find out more about how developers are using the engine on the IBM developer blog. Plus in May, IBM is co-hosting a Call for Code educational event to build solutions that seek to combat climate change by using Code Engine to deploy highly-scalable, cloud-native workloads.

Image Credit: Stokkete / Shutterstock

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