Google introduces new features to protect passwords

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Google is taking steps to make people's accounts more secure by announcing two initiatives to mark World Password Day.

Firstly it's automatically enrolling all Google account users in two-factor authentication. This will begin with accounts that are appropriately configured for this transition. You can see whether your account is ready in Security Checkup.

Secondly it's introducing a new feature in its Password Manager called Password Import. This allows you to now seamlessly upload your passwords from third party sites or other password managers into Google's. It can handle up to 1,000 passwords at a time.

Mark Risher, director of product management, identity and user security writes on the company's blog, "Our Password Manager, built directly into Chrome, Android and your Google Account, uses the latest AI security technology to protect your passwords for all the sites and apps you use. It makes it easier to create and use complex and unique passwords, without the need to remember or repeat them. Every time you go to a site while logged into your Google Account, Password Manager can automatically populate your secure password. Within Password Manager is a single-click, Password Checkup feature, which tells you if any of your passwords have been compromised, if you are reusing passwords across different sites, and the strength of your passwords. We also automatically inform you if your password has been compromised, so you can make a quick and easy change to keep your information safe."

Google is also looking ahead towards the elimination of passwords. It's building technologies into devices to make authenticating seamless and more secure than a password. Already it's built security keys directly into Android devices, and launched the Google Smart Lock app for iOS.

You can find out more in Google's Safety Center.

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