KB5000842 update is causing high-pitched sound problems for some Windows 10 users

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It is a few weeks since Microsoft released the KB5000842 update for Windows 10, and it wasn't long before the optional patch was linked to problems with game performance. These particular issues have been -- mostly -- resolved, but KB5000842 remains problematic with users of some 5.1 audio setups complaining that it has results in their computers emitting high-pitched noises.

For now, there is no proper fix, but Microsoft is investigating the problem and say that an update will be provided in a future release. In the meantime, the company offers up a workaround.

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The cause of the audio issues has not been revealed, but it is something that is extremely irritating for anyone affected by it. While there are two temporary fixes to try, neither of them properly address the issue, and neither are solutions that will be warmly welcomed.

Over on the health dashboard for Windows 10 version 20H2 and Windows 10 version 2004, Microsoft says:

A high-pitched noise might be heard when using 5.1 audio with certain settings

Certain combinations of apps, audio devices and Windows settings might produce a high-pitched noise when using 5.1 audio.

The company adds the note:

This issue does not occur when stereo is used.

In terms of mitigation, Microsoft offers up a couple of options:

  • Streaming the video or audio in a web browser or different app, instead of the app affected by this issue.
  • Enable Spatial sound settings by right clicking or long pressing on the volume icon in the notification area, selecting Spatial sound (Off) and selecting any of the available options.

There is no word on just how long it will be before a proper fix is available, but Microsoft is working on it at the moment.

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