Microsoft gives Windows Terminal a promotion in the latest Windows 10 builds

Windows Terminal

The release of Windows 10 build 21382 yesterday came as a little bit of a surprise, but a pleasant one.

With this particular release there was not a huge amount for Microsoft to shout about in terms of new features. There are improvements to HDR support, improvements to the Start menu, new icons in Explorer, fonts changes and new options in Device Manager. But Microsoft also used the release to remind users that Windows Terminal is now installed by default.

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Microsoft has been doing a great deal of work with Terminal in recent months, making sweeping changes and introducing numerous new features. The company recently announced that the application would be included by default in installations of Windows 10, and it has used this latest release to remind users of the inclusion.

Via the Windows Insider account, Microsoft tweeted:

While this is not a massive change that will affect a huge number of people, it is a nice touch for anyone who does rely on Windows Terminal. Having it included by default means that the tool will be available following a fresh installation without the need to download it separately.

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