deepin Linux 20.2.1 gets Debian 10.9 base -- switch from Microsoft Windows 10 today!

deepin Linux is developed in China, true, but that doesn't mean it can't be trusted. Look, many products are manufactured in that country, including electronics and computer components we use every day. It is almost impossible for a consumer to avoid Chinese-made products entirely. Plus, let's not forget, people in China are humans just like everyone else. Please stop the xenophobia, y'all.

With all of that said, there is a new version of that Linux-based operating system available -- deepin 20.2.1. Even though it is just a "point" release, it is chock full of changes and fixes. Most notably, it is now based on Debian 10.9. And yes, like previous versions of this distribution, deepin 20.2.1 will make an excellent replacement for Windows 10, which seems to be riddled with bugs lately.

"Based on deepin 20.2, deepin 20.2.1 upgrades the underlying repository to Debian 10.9, introduces minor updates of dual cores (LTS+Stable), and adapts to the 11th Gen CPU, improving system stability and compatibility comprehensively. In this version, patches for 54 CVE vulnerabilities are integrated by default to enhance system security; Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) and deepin applications are greatly optimized to ensure efficient user experiences in different scenarios," explains the deepin developers.

The devs also say, "Following Debian stable repository, deepin 20.2.1 integrates Debian 10.9 by default, mainly to fix security issues and some serious problems. In addition, the mesa 20 library is upgraded to improve 2D and 3D graphical display effects. This release supports the 11th generation CPU, optimizes system installation and user experiences, fixes issues in some scenarios, and offers minor updates of dual cores, which greatly improves system stability and compatibility."

The deepin developers share a list of changes below.


  • New: stick deepin browser to the Dock by default.
  • Improved: tooltips for password errors.
  • Improved: when the account was locked, users can still log in to other user accounts using the custom login interface.
  • Fixed: the interaction issue of the Launcher when dragging an application outside the category.

Control Center

  • New: support 800*600 and below resolutions.
  • New: automatically recognize touchscreens when connected.
  • Fixed: "backup failed" was shown after clicking "Install updates".
  • Fixed: updates were stuck in some environments.
  • Fixed: Control Center cannot be opened due to the "Backup and Restore" module.

System Installer

  • New: btrfs file system support.
  • New: new language support.
  • Improved: keyboard response time.
  • Improved: installation stability.
  • Improved: the installation time.
  • Improved: initial backup strategy.
  • Improved: prompts of password security levels.
  • Improved: confirmation messages when entering partitions after full disk encryption.
  • Improved: support for different displays.
  • Fixed: the user avatar was not saved after selecting it and then entering other interfaces.
  • Fixed: if the root partition was set to btrfs format during installation, after the successful installation, users cannot enter the configuration page.
  • Fixed: UI issues.
  • Fixed: tooltips of keyboard layouts were wrong.
  • Fixed: partition information on the full disk installation page was not shown completely, and the swap partition was not displayed.


  • Improved: UI issues.
  • Fixed: the exit issue when recording videos.
  • Fixed: the picture format in Settings was not displayed completely.
  • Fixed: the setting page was stuck if the file location was set to a CD.

File Manager

  • Fixed: there was no prompt when cutting file shortcuts ( files created by "create link)" to smb/ftp.
  • Fixed: the first file created after system restart was not shown in File Manager immediately.
  • Fixed: when copying files to a USB flash drive, the copying window crashed if clicking the "Pause" button on it.
  • Fixed: the Delete and Shift+Delete keys were not disabled on the "Computers in LAN" page.
  • Fixed: when dragging files to a folder in the tag:/// directory, the progress bar kept showing 1%.
  • Fixed: when changing a file name in the source location, the name of that file listed as a search result in the Recent page was not changed in real time.
  • Fixed: when using the Partition Editor and the formating tool of File Manager at the same time, a new partition would be shown on the Computer page.
  • Fixed: when renaming files, clear the file name with 2-row length, the name box was not decreased.
  • Fixed: after adding tags to 1000 small files (2M/pcs), the file quantity of tagged files shown at the bottom was different from the actual number of files.
  • Fixed: read-only folders cannot be copied to other directories.
  • Fixed: the crash issue in the process of recording with CD-ROAM under multiple tasks.
  • Fixed: the disk mounting plugins were displayed in different orders in the fashion mode and high-efficiency mode.
  • Fixed: it failed to write files to the USB flash drive in ext4/ext3/ext2 format. 
  • Fixed: the display issue in File Manager under the dark mode.
  • Fixed: The prompt popped up twice in the process of right-clicking any file in the directory after connecting SMB and then disconnecting the network. 
  • Fixed: it failed to save files or folders after renaming them with ultra-long characters by pressing the Enter key.
  • Fixed: the crash issue in copying multiple files.
  • Fixed: the loading prompt appeared immediately after clicking the back icon and search icon again during the search process.
  • Fixed: it failed to open File Manager when the prompt of files with the same name popped up.
  • Fixed: the crash issue with high probability in fast marking a large number of files.
  • Fixed: the deleted folders being consecutively created and dragged to Trash were not displayed in Trash after the normal deletion prompt was enabled.
  • Fixed the overlap issue of the text file name and the background image of icons on the HiDPI screen.
  • Fixed: space could be contained in the name of shared folders. 
  • Fixed: it failed to delete the first picture in the wallpaper library after setting the desktop picture as wallpaper two consecutive times.
  • Fixed: it failed to format the USB flash drive after inserting and unmounting it immediately.
  • Fixed: it failed to modify the bookmark position by dragging the sidebar bookmark.
  • Fixed: the kernel crashed caused by deepin-anything.


  • Fixed: document errors.

Window Manager

  • Fixed: display error after pressing "Super+S".
  • Fixed: the thumbnails of tasks were icons.

System Monitor

  • Fixed: it cannot read the network data if the wired connection was disabled.


  • Fixed: newly-created events were not shown.
  • Fixed: an event reminder was shown twice.


  • Fixed 54 CVE vulnerabilities to improve system security.


  • Fixed: if exit during downloading, the downloading tasks were abnormal after app restarts.

Boot Maker

  • Fixed: the failure message if the USB flash drive was in FAT32 format.

Image Viewer

  • Fixed: if there were dots in the name, only the name before the first dot was shown when renaming files.
  • Fixed: cannot exit a slideshow with a double click.
  • Fixed: when printing the picture as a picture or PDF, the file name was incorrect.
  • Fixed: when playing the slideshow, pause it and manually switch to the last picture, and then exit the slideshow, the displaying picture was not the previous one.
  • Fixed: if there were multiple dots in the name, only part of the file name was shown when printing the picture as a file.
  • Fixed: icons were in white under the dark theme.
  • Fixed: when viewing a small picture in full screen and enlarging it to exceed the screen, the top bar was shown incorrectly after exiting the full-screen mode.
  • Fixed: the size of large tif pictures was shown wrongly in the picture information.
  • Fixed: wrong UI theme if the system theme is the dark theme.
  • Fixed: only half of the thumbnail of the first picture was shown if deleting pictures to only 3 ones.
  • Fixed: pictures in the file vault cannot be deleted.
  • Fixed: BMP pictures were damaged or deformed after being rotated twice.


  • Fixed: wrong results when using some mathematical formulas.


  • Fixed: UI issues.
  • Fixed: the Enter key cannot be used when right-clicking to export and using Tab to switch to "Save to" and "Format".
  • Fixed: it failed to exit sometimes.
  • Fixed: interaction failed on some interfaces when pressing Tab.
  • Fixed: the export window was not shown completely if adjusting the font size to 20.
  • Fixed: it cannot import photos.
  • Fixed: imported photos were not focused.

Screen Capture

  • Fixed: its icon on the Dock.
  • Fixed: the wallpaper setting interface exited if stop taking screenshots.
  • Fixed: its name was shown incorrectly in the notification center when taking a delayed screenshot.


  • Fixed: there was an inconsistency between "Always on Top" in the context menu of the play area and the top bar.
  • Fixed: the UI issue of volume controller when playing a video or music with a black background.
  • Fixed: the playlist had no hover effect.
  • Fixed: UI issues when playing music files on a HiDPI screen.
  • Fixed: the Up and Down keys cannot be used to adjust the volume.
  • Fixed: no volume bar was shown when clicking the volume controller during video playing.


  • Fixed: if changing the stroke of a triangle to 0px, and the triangle stroke was still 1px.


  • Fixed: the display of pointer when hovering over the toolbar.
  • Fixed: music playback was affected by the ejection of CD discs.
  • Fixed: UI issues of volume controller if the display scaling was set to 1.25.
  • Fixed: music was paused if minimizing the window.
  • Fixed: high CPU occupation when playing songs.

If you want to download deepin 20.2.1, you can grab an ISO here. If you do try it, please tell me in the comments if you agree it is one of the most beautiful operating systems. Windows and Mac users will be very surprised by the beauty and capabilities.

Photo credit: ESB Professional /Shutterstock

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