GeoBook 120 Minecraft Edition Windows 10 laptop now available from Best Buy

Minecraft isn't just a game -- it is a worldwide phenomenon. What is the secret to its success? Well, besides being fun to play, its cross-platform nature and low system requirements make it available to almost anyone. It can be played on Windows 10, macOS, Linux, Android, iPhone, and many video game consoles too.

If you have a person in your life that loves Minecraft, there is a new affordable laptop that should excite them greatly. The GeoBook 120 Minecraft Edition features a 12.5-inch display and a cool green paint job that is inspired by the game. The WASD keys even feature green letters. And yes, the game itself comes pre-installed. As an added bonus, Minecraft stickers can be found in the box, so you can decorate the laptop lid to your liking.

The officially licensed GeoBook 120 Minecraft Edition comes with Windows 10 S mode by default, but don't worry -- you can switch it to regular Windows for free. Speaking of free, it comes with a 1-year subscription to Microsoft 365. That's pretty neat.


While the laptop looks really cool, the specifications are quite meager. While the quad-core Celeron N3450 is more than capable of handling Minecraft, it is still a Celeron. Sadly, RAM is only 4GB, while the storage drive is a sluggish eMMC with a paltry 64GB. The 1366x768 screen resolution isn't great either, but it is a smaller screen, so that should be passable. It does have HDMI out and a micro SD card reader, however.

If the specs aren't great, why would someone choose the GeoBook 120 Minecraft Edition? For a few reasons, actually. First off, it is very affordable at just $259.99. Secondly, its small size would make it great for a child. Thirdly -- and most importantly -- there is the cool factor. Look, if someone is a die-hard Minecraft fan, the specs won't matter as much as the neat green color, stickers, and overall collectability. Yes, this laptop is a collector's item.

The GeoBook 120 Minecraft Edition is available now. It can be had from Best Buy here for only $259.99. Even if you aren't a fan of Minecraft, you may want to consider this little laptop as an inexpensive secondary machine. Look, whether you play the game or not, you must admit that green color is really cool.

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