Should you download Microsoft Windows 11?

Earlier today, after weeks of rumors, Windows 11 leaked to the web. No, I don't just mean images and videos were shared early -- the actual operating system itself became available for download! It is a bootable ISO file. This not only confirms what the next version of Windows will be called, but it made it possible for anybody to install the operating system early.

While you can download Windows 11 right now, the real question, of course, is should you do it? Before we discuss the morality of doing so, let's be very clear -- it is foolish to download and install a closed source operating system from non-official sources. Obviously, if you aren't getting it from Microsoft directly, it could be full of malware and other bad stuff.

Could you ever truly feel safe doing private things, such as banking, when using a sketchy pre-release version of Windows 11? Personally, I would be constantly worried that hackers or other bad guys were viewing all my web activity or accessing my webcam. It would take away all of the fun when using my computer.

From a privacy and security standpoint, you would have to be an absolute maniac to install the leaked copy of Windows 11 on your day-to-day computer that has access to private data. But what if you install it on a spare computer or virtual machine? Well, that is certainly safer, yes. In fact, if you are determined to try Windows 11, that is how you should test it. Because, look, we simply don't know who is behind the leak, and again, it might contain malware. Do not install it on your main computer!

But OK, let's say you aren't concerned about the privacy or security risks. Should you install Windows 11 then? Is it morally wrong to essentially pirate Windows 11? While it may seem like a victimless crime, the truth is, by downloading and installing Windows 11, you could be breaking the law. Depending on where you live, your ISP could even cut off your internet service if it detects illegal downloads -- this happens all the time. Hell, Microsoft could even potentially sue you.

So ultimately, what we here at BetaNews are saying, dear readers, is that we do not recommend or condone downloading Windows 11 or any other software that you have not properly licensed. It is morally wrong and just downright stupid. If you are really curious and desperate to check out the forthcoming Windows 11, simply read our coverage here. You can view the leaked images all while staying out of jail and without having a guilty conscience.

Have you already installed the leaked Windows 11? If not, do you plan to do so? Please tell me in the comments below.

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