Microsoft's upcoming Windows 11 OS leaks in full online, revealing a centered taskbar and Start menu, rounded corners, and widgets!

Towards the end of the month, Microsoft is set to reveal the future of Windows. We already reported last week that Windows 10 is coming to an end, and its replacement might be Windows 11, or possibly Windows Sun Valley.

Earlier today, some screenshots from the new OS appeared at Baidu, and then an iSO of the full operating system leaked on the web, confirming that it is indeed called Windows 11.

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As is perhaps to be expected, Windows 11 looks like a cross between Windows 10 and Windows 10x, the version of the OS Microsoft was originally developing for dual-screen devices but which it eventually chose to pull the plug on.

The taskbar in Windows 11 has undergone a big change. It's now centered, which you’ll either love or hate. There’s a new Start button and a new Start menu without live tiles. Live tiles were always something of an oddity as they could only be seen when the menu was open.

There are rounded corners throughout the OS and there’s also a Widgets icon visible in the taskbar, as Microsoft is bringing back the beloved feature from Windows 7.

The operating system also has a new startup sound, which Tom Warren at The Verge captured and tweeted:

Obviously the screenshots, and indeed the leaked OS, are very early version of Windows 11, but they certainly give us a good taste of what to expect, and it looks great, and very modern.

No doubt we will see more leaks appear online as the new official operating system announcement on June 24 draws near.

What do you think of Windows 11? Excited for it, or not? Share your views below.

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