Open source platform aims to boost cloud-native deployments

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Many digital transformation initiatives have been boosted by the pandemic, but they are still too often held back by a shortage of the technical skills needed to deliver them.

Now though open source company WSO2 is launching Choreo, a new integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for cloud native engineering.

Choreo provides the infrastructure and tools enterprises need for cloud native engineering, eliminating the time needed to build a platform for services and APIs deployed on Kubernetes. As a result, organizations can immediately focus on building, testing and deploying APIs and services, and IT teams can take control of their DevOps flow, production multi-environment deployment, and production configuration with a microservices-style programming model.


"Enterprises are increasingly leveraging cloud-native platforms to speed their time to market, scale out rapidly, and increase agility. Yet it's still too hard. It can take months or years to bring digital products into production as developers struggle with integration and the complexity of adopting cloud native engineering practices and deploying on Kubernetes-based platforms. We're removing those roadblocks with Choreo, our next-generation iPaaS for cloud native engineering," says Eric Newcomer, WSO2's CTO. "Now developers at all skill levels can collaborate in producing enterprise-class code and APIs whether they prefer programming in low-code, code or even no-code using templates. And because it's an all-inclusive iPaaS, built on proven technology, enterprises can immediately focus on delivering business value."

The Choreo iPaaS is the first commercial application of Ballerina, a programming language that provides a limitless low code experience using bidirectional mapping for all source code between its textual syntax and its graphical representation as a sequence diagram. This results in easier collaboration among developers with varying skills, as well as source code that is independent of Choreo, giving businesses full control.

Choreo is available from today as a public beta and you can find out more on the WSO2 site.

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