IRS attempts to make it easier for you to get that new tax credit you might be owed

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"The nine scariest words in the English language are 'I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'" When Ronald Reagan uttered that statement, it was in general, but it could apply to one government organization in particular. Three letters -- I-R-S -- terrify many Americans. After all, the place can drag you (and all the relevant paperwork in your home) into an office for hours on end and, worse, throw you in jail if things aren't right. 

To its credit, the Internal Revenue Service periodically tries to change its reputation. That’s what it’s up to now with the new child tax credit. Did you hear about it? Given that Americans are getting "free" money from the government it has made relatively few headlines, although that may be simply that it passed back in March and has been pushed out of mind during the time since then. 

Now the IRS is rolling out two websites to help parents register for their money. They are just getting this in on time, however, as parents only have until July 15th to get everything squared away. 

"Those struggling to keep up with their expenses are likely not keeping up to date with the newest changes to federal tax policy," says Greg Nasif, political director of Humanity Forward. "Giving families only a few weeks to learn about this benefit, how to file with the IRS, and then to get it done, is worrying, to say the least."

The announcement explains it thus: Those who typically do not file taxes or have made changes in things such as permanent residence or child custody will benefit here by being able to notify the IRS of their eligibility or change in circumstances using one of two web portals. 

Those who need to enter information can visit here. If you need to unenroll from advance payments then click on this link.

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