Want to move the Windows 11 taskbar? Tough! You can't

Windows 11 taskbar

The taskbar has been a feature of Windows for many years now, and it is almost as iconic as the Start button. Traditionally it is placed at the bottom of the screen, but there has always been the option to move it to the top or sides if preferred. Not so with Windows 11.

Although the majority of people leave the taskbar where it is, the prevalence of widescreen and ultra-widescreen monitors has meant that it makes more and more sense to move it to the side to make better use of space. With Windows 11, however, Microsoft has taken the decision to lock the taskbar in place at the bottom of the screen.

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The fact that moving the taskbar to the side of the screen makes a lot of sense is not the only reason Microsoft's decision is a little odd. Choice is always a good thing, particularly when it comes to personalizing a UI in the name of user-friendliness. The people who want to have their taskbar at the side of their monitor rather than at the bottom may be in a minority, but they have made their choice for a reason.  

This is just one of the things that is changing or being removed with the arrival of Windows 11. And , to be honest, this is a difficult one to understand. Microsoft has long given users endless way to customize the look and feel of Windows, so in many ways this feels like something of a step backwards.

It's also not the only change that's being made to the taskbar. Here's the full list of changes shared by Microsoft:

  • People is no longer present on the Taskbar.
  • Some icons may no longer appear in the System Tray (systray) for upgraded devices including previous customizations.
  • Alignment to the bottom of the screen is the only location allowed.
  • Apps can no longer customize areas of the Taskbar.

So what do you make of the decision? Does it seem like a good idea or not?? Are you annoyed, not bothered, or will you reserve judgement until you've had a chance to try out Windows 11 for yourself?

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