What I'd like to see in the upcoming Sling app

I’ve mentioned before that I replaced my satellite service with Sling about six years ago. Since then it’s added a cloud DVR and recently upped the capacity of that to what I consider to finally be a reasonable amount of storage space.  It’s also added quite a few more channels in that time. There have been app updates as well, some welcome and some not so much. 

Now the service teases another update coming soon. A box popped up on my screen the other day announcing the change and promising an improved TV experience "soon". 

While I don't have an idea of exactly what's coming, there are a number of changes in this -- and future -- updates I'd love to see. 

First, I won’t be asking for more DVR space, I spent plenty of time begging for that and it finally arrived. 50 hours was measly, but 200 is adequate for almost anyone. 

But when it comes to the DVR, let me explain to the company a basic piece of functionality. Not that the app doesn’t have it, but that it’s rather sporadically implemented. When you finish watching a recorded show you expect a "delete" button and you get one -- 75 percent of the time. The other 25 percent it's missing, forcing the user to exit, go into "manage" and remove the show from there. Let’s please see this option done correctly. 

Who out there is familiar with Locast? It’s a fantastic free app that provides local channels to many major markets in the US. Not just the big four networks of NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox, but also others like Court TV, ME TV, The CW and more. 

Let me tell you who is familiar with Locast -- Sling. It recently began airing a series of TV ads together. The ads are misleading, telling people they can now have local channels with Sling. Technically, that’s true, but you don’t get Locast integrated into Sling, you have to install it as a separate app. You have to exit one and open the other. Let’s get some integration please.

Let’s also cease with the three nonsensical levels of service. I had to move up to the next level in order to have two different simultaneous streams. While it was considered moving up it actually lost me several channels. 

While this reads slightly like a kidnapper's ransom notice, I assure Sling, it isn’t intended that way, I enjoy its service for the most part. This is simply the pleading of a sometimes-frustrated user. 

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