The Windows 11 release date is almost certainly in October

Windows 11

Microsoft may have announced Windows 11, and even released the first preview build, but the company has been somewhat vague about the release date. So far, all that has been said officially is that the operating system will be released in time for the holiday season -- although it seems that this is only for new systems, and upgrades from Windows 10 are due next year.

But hints, rumors and leaks suggest that the launch date for Windows 11 will be in October this year, specifically October 20. Of course, Microsoft has not yet confirmed this, but all evidence is pointing towards this date being correct.

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So where does the near certainty about October come from? There have been lots of hints, including during the Windows 11 announcement event. A message that appeared in a shot of Teams during the presentation read: "Good luck today, Panos! Excited to turn it up to 11... can't wait for October!"

In Walmart stores at the moment, there are several Windows 10 laptops available to buy that offer a "free Upgrade to Windows October 2021 when available". This tallies with an image released by Microsoft that shows a Windows 11 system with the time set to 11:11, and the date set to October 20.

Going further than this, "sources familiar with Microsoft's plans" have said to the Verge that an October release date is the target so OEMs can ready new devices.

So nothing is known for certain but October 20 is seeming a very likely date at this stage.

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