New free tool helps map legacy identity systems


A number of on-premise identity systems from major suppliers including CA, Oracle and IBM are coming to the end of their lives and many businesses are looking to migrate to cloud alternatives.

But before migration can begin it's necessary to discover and catalog legacy identity systems. This is a largely manual process because there is no unified view of older environments that span multiple stakeholders, have evolved over a number of years, and can contain hidden complexities.

Now though Strata Identity is launching Maverics Identity Discovery, a free tool that automates the manual process of auditing and cataloging on-premises identity environments, to reduce cloud migration project times significantly.


Maverics Identity Discovery is a lightweight command line tool and browser interface that extracts, analyzes, and visualizes the information in an enterprise identity environment in minutes. Since it's locally run and hosted, all information gathered remains private to the organization using it. It also generates a complexity score for each app that measures the effort that will be needed for migration based on interdependencies and factors including numbers of rules, responses, headers, and custom code.

"Several factors are driving the migration of on-premises identity systems and apps to the cloud, including end-of-life deadlines, reducing licensing costs, security concerns and modernization initiatives," says Eric Leach, chief product officer for Strata. "Maverics Identity Discovery takes the pain out of cloud migration by providing unified and deep visibility into on-premises identity systems that slashes project times to just hours and can save millions of dollars in manual labor costs."

You can find out more on the Strata site.

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