Microsoft is shipping Windows 11 in dark mode by default

Windows 11 dark mode

Whether it is because of concern about eye health, or just a general aesthetic preference for more muted colors, dark modes have become prevalent in apps and operating system. Windows is no different in this regard, and with Windows 11 Microsoft is giving dark mode a promotion.

The company has revealed that Windows 11 will have dark mode activated as standard. It will, of course, remain possible to switch to a lighter option, but dark mode will be the default setting out of the box.

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The news was shared by Melissa Grant, Director of Windows Enterprise Marketing during a Microsoft Inspire session about hybrid working. It seems that Microsoft's concern stems form the amount of time we now spend with our computers because of remote working, and is looking to make things easier on the eye.

Since we're spending so much more time staring at bright screens, not just for endless email, but also countless meetings, plus keeping up with our personal lives, to give your eyes a rest we're going to ship all of the Windows 11 commercial SKUs in that IT favorite -- beautiful dark mode by default. Of course, light mode is available if that's your preference.

Windows 11 dark mode by  default

You can check out the video over on the Microsoft Inspire website -- jump to around the 4 minutes 30 mark for the relevant section.

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