Microsoft says it will not be possible to bypass Windows 11 system requirements

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Windows 11 is now just a matter of months away, and system requirements are a concern. While this is not going to be a problem for anyone buying a new computer with the operating system pre-installed, it is a major consideration for anyone upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 10.

The requirement for TPM 2.0 is something that has attracted particular attention. While Microsoft has made it clear that for OEM customers with special requirements the TPM need can be eliminated with a custom Windows 11 image, the same is not true for the average user. Although a registry hack currently exists that makes it possible to bypass the need for TPM 2.0, Microsoft has stressed that it will not be possible to use Group Policy to get around hardware requirements -- possibly meaning that the registry hack will also not work once Windows 11 is released.

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The news came in a recent AMA posted to the Microsoft Tech Community. In the session, Microsoft Program Manager Aria Carley shares the disappointing news while talking about the deployment of Windows 11. She answers a question about devices that aren't "quite compatible with Windows 11". The poser of the question asks:

If we consider that a device is not fully compatible with Windows 11, will it be offered the upgrade via Windows Update?

Carley answers:

So we talk about this new hardware floor of what devices are eligible and which aren't. And we know it sucks that some aren't going to be eligible for Windows 11. But the reason we're doing that is to keep devices more productive, have a better experience, and most importantly have better security than before so they can stay protected in this new workforce."

 There is then a query about disabling safeguard holds that may block upgrades, and Carley says that group policy can be used -- although it is not recommended -- to get around these blocks. She does go on to add, however:

That group policy will not enable you to get around the hardware enforcement for Windows 11. We're still going to block you from upgrading your device to an unsupported state since we really want to make sure that your devices stay supported and secure.

The AMA videos is available to see on YouTube, and if you head to the 6-minute mark, you can hear the relevant questions and answers:

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