Linux Mint 20.3 coming Christmas 2021

Windows 11 is rumored to be released in October, and since it is already in the Beta Channel, that rumor seems plausible. So, yeah, Microsoft is sure to dominate headlines in the final quarter of the year.

While a new version of Windows is surely exciting, that won't be the only operating system getting a new version later in the year. You see, the Linux Mint developers have shared some exciting news about when version 20.3 of the Ubuntu-based distro will be available for download.

In a blog post that mostly focuses on the current Linux Mint 20.2 and a planned website redesign (yawn), head developer Clement Lefebvre slips in an actual interesting tidbit. Lefebvre says, "The next development cycle is now open and the next target is Linux Mint 20.3. It is planned for Christmas 2021."

Does this mean Linux Mint 20.3 will definitely be released by Christmas? No, it is not a guarantee. With that said, the Mint developers are usually pretty reliable when it comes to deadlines, so it should be safe to expect a new version of the Linux distro under your Christmas tree this year -- figuratively speaking, of course.

Image credit: parasoliaShutterstock

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