IObit Uninstaller 11 lands with permission management, Windows 11 support and more

Just about every computer in use around the world has a hard drive that contains at least some software that isn’t used or needed. You can, of course, remove apps you don't want by using the Apps & features section of Settings, but this is not guaranteed to get rid of every last trace of any given app.

And this is precisely why software unsinstallers like IObit Uninstaller 11 are so valuable. This tool monitors installations so it knows exactly which files have been added or changed, making it much easier to completely remove apps during uninstallation.

But the software goes much further then this, and the latest version not only adds support for Windows 11, but also expands its software updating database, improves its scanner, and includes a new Software Health component.


Software Health is home to a number of features and options including the ability to scour your drives for remnants leftover by previous uninstallations. This section can also be used to help eliminate security risks by updating old software, and also to take control of app permission -- including the potentially dangerous and privacy-invading hidden ones.

This latest version of the app also includes tools for tracking down and removing malicious software and browser extensions to help keep your computer safe. The greatly expanded software database helps to ensure that a wider range of apps can be completely removed, and there is also a powerful Force Uninstall+ feature which can successfully remove software even if important uninstallation entries have been removed from the registry.

Free up space by removing unwanted software, including built in Windows apps.

To help you make informed decisions about which apps you can safely remove, there is a new Windows Apps rating. For software that has the potential to be problematic, there is the Stubborn Program Remover database which supports the removal of over 1,000 stubborn apps.

With a greatly improved Install Monitor component, the software you add to your computer is more closely logged than ever before meaning that when the time comes for removal you can be sure that every last trace has been completely eliminated.

IObit Uninstaller 11 makes it easy to remove unwanted browser extensions from your computer.

Other new features to be found in IObit Uninstaller 11 include support for a wider range of languages (now up to 37), and a choice between light and dark skins.

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