Microsoft releases Windows Terminal Preview 1.11 with system tray minimizing, UI updates and more

Windows Terminal

Microsoft has released an updated preview version of Windows Terminal, and while the version number increase may be small, there are a surprising number of changes and additions to be found, including a revamped Settings UI.

With Windows Terminal Preview 1.11, it is now possible to minimize the app to the system tray and there are various updates to pane functionality. New options include the ability to swap panes within a tab, tab splitting via the context menu, and moving a pane to a new or existing tab. But there is plenty more to explore too.

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In the latest release, it is also possible to make your title bar acrylic, and adjust the intensity of text appearance. There is a new way of opening a new tab at a given path -- just drag and drop a file or folder onto the + tab. Terminal developers have also made various changes to the look and functionality of Settings, including the introduction of a new unfocused appearance options.

Microsoft shares details of the following improvements:

  • Dynamically generated profiles can now be deleted (Finally! Sorry for the long wait on this one. 😊).
  • On newer versions of Windows, startingDirectory can now accept Linux paths when launching a WSL profile.
  • Tabs created with wt and default terminal instances will now have the launched command line as their title, instead of the default profile name.
  • You can now navigate through panes in creation order using nextPane and previousPane (Thanks @Rosefield!).
  • Navigating through panes with the move-focus action works much better and now also works correctly on startup.
  • The toggleSplitOrientation action has been added and it switches a pair of panes from a vertical to a horizontal layout (Thanks @Rosefield!).
  • The taskbar will now show the progress state of all of the panes/tabs combined, regardless of which is in focus. This is helpful if you’re running a build in an unfocused tab, for example.
  • You can now use sc() and vk() for binding keys, which allows many more keys to be bindable.

Full details of all the changes can be found on Microsoft's Windows Command Line blog.

Windows Terminal Preview 1.11 is available from the Microsoft Store or from the GitHub releases page

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