Google Search dark mode is finally rolling out for everyone

Dark Google

Dark modes have been steadily spreading their inky way across apps, websites and operating systems for a couple of years now. Like many companies, Google is no stranger to dark mode, and now a more shadowy look is rolling out to users of the desktop version of its flagship Search service.

We got a preview of Google Search dark mode earlier this year, and now the option is gradually being made available to anyone who prefers a gloomier look. If you count yourself in this number, here's how to enable dark mode for Google Search.

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Darker tones are much-loved, and for a variety of reasons: everything from being gentler on the eye, through (possibly) saving power, to the simple fact that it they look good. But while dark modes have legions of fans, they are not to everyone's taste, and this is why Google has made it optional rather than applying it by default.

To enable dark mode for Google Search, using the following steps:

  1. Fire up your web browser and pay a visit to
  2. Click the Settings link to the lower right of the page and select Search settings
  3. Click the Appearance link to the left and you can select the theme you would like to use
  4. Choose Light to stay as normal, Dark to enable dark mode, or Device default to match the setting you have in place for your operating system.

Don't panic if you don't see this option right away, Google says that it is "fully rolling out over the next few weeks" -- so you may need to employ a little patience.

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