Microsoft launches Windows 11 ad campaign with stunning video

Windows 11 ad campaign

With less a month to go until the rollout of Windows 11 gets underway, Microsoft has launched a new ad campaign to promote the operating system.

The publicity kicks off with a 60-second video ad that showcases how Windows 11 "brings you closer to what you love". Featuring Halo's Master Chief and music by Odessa featuring Tim Myers, the ad is a stunning preview of what's to come from the immersive experience Windows 11 offers.

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Microsoft says that the ad "follows its hero as she explores the visually stunning new Windows, walking past apps in the new Microsoft Store, playing games with Xbox’s Master Chief, realizing Windows 11 widgets emerging from a beautiful cloud and chatting with a friend who though on the other side of the world seems close enough to touch, all representing the seamless experiences that Windows 11 makes possible".

The ad is part of a campaign to help raise awareness and build excitement around Windows 11, and it's something we can expect to see a great deal more of over the coming weeks.

It highlights many of the things associated with the latest version of the operating system, including Xbox Game Pass, widgets, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Check out the video in full here:

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