Windows 11 will feel faster than Windows 10... Microsoft explains why

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Windows 11 is just around the corner, and the question on everyone's lips (apart from, of course, "is my computer able to run it?") is "how fast is it compared to Windows 10?". There has been a lot of attention focused on the aesthetic side of Windows 11, but performance is what matters the most to a large proportion of users.

If you are a Windows Insider, you may have tried out the Dev or Beta builds to find out for yourself, but now Microsoft has shared a video that explains to everyone that Windows 11 is faster -- or at least feels it.

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In a Microsoft Mechanics video, host Jeremy Chapman said that he thinks the preview builds of Windows 11 feel "snappy and responsive". Steve Dispensa, vice president of Enterprise Management at Microsoft, explains that the company has make specific performance improvement to the operating system that contribute to this feeling.

He says that there has been a lot of under-the-hood work on memory management, helping Windows 11 to better prioritize apps and processes. Fast app load time, even when CPU usage is high, has been made possible by prioritizing foreground tasks.

Dispensa explains that the same techniques have been used in the Windows 11 shell and also in Edge to help improve performance, or the user perception thereof. Improvements to memory management has helped to speed up waking from sleep to an "almost instantaneous experience". He says:

First, we've optimized calls to hardware components that need to power on for better overall memory management. And at the software layer, we’ve reduced starvation across key processing threads so that power is preserved for the threads that really need it,

Check out the video in full below:

Of course, we are still working with pre-release code at the moment, so what you see and experience from the Insider builds is not necessarily completely reflective of how the final build of Windows 11 will perform.  

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