New risk exchange helps companies meet cyber insurance criteria

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Cyberattacks continue to be a problem for businesses and it's no surprise that cyber insurers are tightening up their requirements for policyholders to obtain new cover or to renew their existing cyber policies.

But in the past cybersecurity and cyber insurance have tended to operate in silos with insufficient coordination, leading to a misalignment between the cyber threats faced by an organization and the security measures needed to prevent them.

Now though specialist insurance provider Cowbell Cyber is launching a new cyber risk exchange (Rx) marketplace aimed at helping companies find solutions to meet the criteria needed to get cyber insurance coverage.


Cowbell Rx offers preferred access to security services and vendors in several categories including; the deployment of multi-factor authentication and robust identity management solutions, endpoint protection, 24x7 security monitoring for threat detection and prevention, and backup and disaster recovery.

"Cybersecurity and cyber insurance must work in harmony to build an organization's cyber resilience. We are working with 20 of cybersecurity's biggest leaders to make this happen," says Isabelle Dumont, vice president of market engagement at Cowbell Cyber. "Cowbell Rx is a key component of Cowbell's closed-loop risk management initiative to continuously improve an organization's risk profile. Together with our partners, we are bringing streamlined access to today's top cybersecurity services and solutions straight to current and future policyholders."

You can find out more on the Cowbell site.

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