3.8 billion combined Clubhouse and Facebook records for sale on the dark web

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Data combined from the July 24 Clubhouse breach and Facebook user profiles has been used to compile a database of 3.8 billion entries and it could be yours for $100,000 -- though the seller is willing to split it up if you're strapped for cash.

The CyberNews research team uncovered a hacker forum posting from September 4 offering the data for sale. The poster claims the records include names, phone numbers, Clubhouse ranks, and Facebook profile links.

Clubhouse, the audio only social network, saw a boost in users during COVID lockdowns so the data is likely to be relatively fresh. Although the scraped Clubhouse phone numbers, which were originally posted without any additional information about the users, were fairly useless to scammers on their own, combining them with Facebook profile data makes for a much more attractive proposition.

The combined data, "could serve as a goldmine for scammers," says CyberNews' senior information security researcher Mantas Sasnauskas, making it much easier to create personalized scams.

"People tend to overshare information on social media," says Sasnauskas. "This could give insights for scammers on what vector to employ to run their scams successfully by, for example, calling people with the information they learned from their Facebook account."

You can find out more on the CyberNews site which also has a handy data leak checker where you can see if your email or phone number have been compromised.

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