Fedora 35 Beta Linux distribution with GNOME 41 now available for download

Today is finally the day many of us have been waiting for -- Fedora 35 has officially reached Beta status, and you can download the pre-release operating system immediately. For many Linux users, Fedora is considered the best distribution based on that open source kernel. Why? Well, the distro focuses on truly free and open source software -- a pure Linux experience. It is also fairly bleeding edge, while at the same time, remaining stable enough for daily use.

What makes Fedora 35 Beta so exciting? This pre-release version of the upcoming operating system uses the brand-new GNOME 41 as its default desktop environment. GNOME 41 is notable for having significant performance improvements when using Wayland. Speaking of Wayland, Fedora 35 Beta will run faster when using it with an NVIDIA GPU. Plus, version 35 Beta gets NVIDIA with XWayland, for an improved experience when using apps that aren't designed for Wayland.

"Fedora Linux 35 Beta is all about polish -- extending existing features and adding new features or support to level up the experience of using Fedora Linux. Whether you use Fedora on the desktop, as a cloud-based image, or as a Linux container image, you'll find improvements that make Fedora 35 a pleasant upgrade," says Matthew Miller, Fedora Project Leader.

Miller further says, "A desktop is no fun without applications. With the Fedora 35 release we're improving our third-party application support and making it easier to install a selection of third-party software via Flathub. This means installing apps like Zoom, Minecraft or Bitwarden and other popular applications available via Flathub will show up right in GNOME Software."

Ready to install Fedora 35 Beta with GNOME 41? You can grab the ISO here. If you prefer a "spin" of Fedora that uses a different desktop environment (such as KDE Plasma, or Cinnamon), you can download those here. The ARM variant, for devices like Raspberry Pi, is here. Before you install the OS, be sure to read the full list of changes here. And remember, folks, this a pre-release variant of the operating system, so you should expect bugs.

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