Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.47.1, fixing bugs in FancyZones and more

Microsoft PowerToys

With the current PowerToys release cycle, Microsoft had vowed to work on stability and optimization, and the company is making good on this promise.

It is only a couple of weeks since the release of v0.47.0 of the utility collection, but now there is another update to install. This time around, there are fixes for PowerToys Run, FancyZones and Shortcut Guide.

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As this is a x.x.1 release, it should come as little surprise that the changelog is relatively short. Despite this, PowerToys v0.47.1 remains an important release as it sees Microsoft addressing various issues that were found in the previous build.

The changelog for PowerToys v0.47.1 looks like this:

  • #13516 - [Shortcut Guide] After releasing Win key, the start menu pops up
  • #13517 - [PowerToys Run] Not working with Win + Space combo
  • #13536 - [PowerToys Run] Not working with Shift + CapsLock combo
  • #13585 - [FancyZones] Shortcuts not changing layout
  • #13211 - [FancyZones] Auto-resizing windows breaks with certain applications
  • #13625 - [FancyZones] Layouts not being remembered after computer locks

You can download this latest release here, via GitHub, or by using the update feature of the version you have installed already.

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