Microsoft is using KB5005463 update to push PC Health Check app and encourage upgrades from Windows 10 to Windows 11

Windows 11

It's three weeks since Windows 11 started to roll out, and now Microsoft is starting its push to encourage people who can upgrade to do just that.

Part of this drive is delivering the PC Health Check app to Windows 10 machine, giving users a quick way to check whether they can upgrade to Windows 11 or not. The app is being pushed out as part of the KB5005463 update and the rollout is likely to irritate as the automatic update essentially forces the Windows 11 compatibility checker onto people.

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The PC Health Check app itself has already proved controversial for initially providing people with incomplete information about their eligibility to upgrade to Windows 11. The app was pulled shortly after its release back in June, but an updated version was launched shortly afterwards.

The updated version of PC Health Check was made available as an optional, manual download, but now there is a forceful push from Microsoft to get the checker to as many Windows 10 users as possible.

The company is keen to point out that KB5005463 is about more than just pushing Windows 11, and highlights a number of key features in the update:

  • Windows 11 eligibility: Provides a comprehensive eligibility check based on the minimum system requirements for Windows 11.
  • Backup and sync: Sign in or create a Microsoft account to sync device preferences across devices and set up Microsoft OneDrive to protect your files.
  • Windows Update: Keep your device secure by always running the latest version of Windows 10.
  • Battery capacity: View the battery capacity relative to the original for devices that use a single or multiple batteries.
  • Storage capacity: View the storage usage for the main drive that contains files, apps, and Windows.
  • Startup time: Manage startup programs to improve startup time.
  • Tips on PC health: Provides additional tips to improve overall PC health and performance.

The KB5005463 update is being pushed to anyone who has automatic updates enabled.

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