Microsoft launches .NET 6 and 64-bit Visual Studio 2022 complete with Hot Reload feature

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Microsoft has pushed out two releases that will delight developers. In addition to the performance-boosted .NET 6, there is also Visual Studio 2022 in its first 64-bit iteration.

Entering the 64-bit world means that Visual Studio is now capable of handling more complex projects easily, and the much-anticipated Hot Reload feature makes it possible to edit source code while apps are running and see immediate results. .NET 6 is a Long-Term Support release that introduces native support for Apple Arm64 Silicon in addition to improved Windows Arm64 support.

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With Visual Studio 2022, Microsoft says it has produced a tool that will "help you go from idea to code faster than ever". This is in part thanks to the inclusion of the AI-assisted code companion IntelliCode which is powerful enough in its predictions to be able to complete entire lines of code for you. There are also improvements to the debugger and .NET language service, and new features such as Web Live Preview and cross-platform testing on Linux.

Microsoft shares a video showing off some of the highlights of Visual Studio 2022:

.NET 6 is described as the "fastest .NET yet", and is available for Linux, macOS and Windows; Microsoft draws attention to the following highlights:

Visual Studio 2022 is available to download here, while .NET 6 can be downloaded here.

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