Quickly fix many of Windows 11's annoying problems

Windows 11 has the potential to be a great operating system, but it’s not there yet. That’s to be expected of course, as it was only released two months ago, and it took multiple feature updates before Windows 10 became the OS it should have been from the get-go.

Microsoft is rolling out bug fixes for Windows 11 and testing new features and improvements in its Insider builds, which all points towards a bright future. However, if you’re annoyed by the new OS as it is now, it’s easy to fix some of the more frustrating issues.

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As you can tell from its name, the third-party Windows 11 Fixer is a tool that can fix multiple issues. It’s open source and presents you with a selection of settings on a single screen, so you can make all of the required changes quickly and without fuss.

The program lets you customize the taskbar in a number of ways -- changing its location and size, and toggling off potentially unwanted features like the Widgets and Chat buttons.

It offers settings for the right-click menu -- don’t like the Windows 11 context menu? Disable it! -- and for File Explorer.

There are useful options for file and folders, and it can install Firefox or Chrome for you.

It also lets you install other programs designed to make Windows 11 more usable, including StartAllBack, Start 11 (trial), Microsoft PowerToys and ThisIsWin11.

You can download Windows 11 Fixer from its GitHub page here.

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