New GitHub Code Search technology preview is great for developers

GitHub Code Search

GitHub has launched a technology preview of its new Code Search tool which is described as "a power user's dream".

Built from scratch using a custom search engine based on Rust, GitHub Code Search makes it easy to search and navigate not only your own code, but also the billions of lines of public code that's available in millions of repositories. For developers, it represents an easy way to jump to sections of code, check usage across languages and much more.

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The search engine is "code aware", meaning that for the top ten programming languages "definitions, references and code navigation just work" without the need for any sort of setup. Searches can be performed using boolean operations, regular expressions, keyboard shortcuts and custom qualifiers. GitHub Code Search has been designed to be easy to use, but there is a handy search syntax reference guide available to help you get started.

The GitHub team says:

We have indexed more than 5 million public repositories (based on a number of factors, including popularity and recent activity). Additionally, the private repositories of GitHub users in the technology preview are indexed (and are searchable by technology preview participants who have access to those private repositories). However, very large repositories may not be indexed at this time.

Check out the video for an introduction to what the technology preview has to offer:

During the preview stage, GitHub is seeking feedback.

If you're interested in accessing the new code search, you can sign up to join the GitHub Code Search waiting list here.

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