Investors get excited about 5G technology

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We all know that 5G is set to shake up the technology world by offering faster, more reliable mobile data connections. But what aspects of the 5G world are proving attractive to investors?

New research commissioned by World Wide Technology (WWT) looks at the categories of 5G tech that are attracting venture capitalists and investors across the US and UK. Cloud computing comes out ahead, identified as the top category for investment by 72 percent of respondents.

Smart mobility comes next at 70 percent, while 56 percent go for media and entertainment, 44 percent name gaming and 42 percent AR/VR. Other sectors piquing investor interest are supply chain (33 percent) and healthcare (24 percent).


Transformative applications rely on cloud computing to exist in the first place -- making this sector attractive from an investor perspective. One of the investors surveyed says, "Cloud computingā€¦ will reduce the need for storage hardware, creating thin clients, which outsources the burden of storing and even computing intensive tasks to companies providing cloud computing services. 5G will be the facilitator for fast access to the cloud service providers."

The research also reveals that investors are bullish about 5G technology and the returns it will bring. There is a great deal of enthusiasm for 5G amongst respondents with 92 percent already invested, or planning to invest, in companies dependent on 5G technology.

There's a high level of confidence that these investment will prove profitable too, with 76 percent predicting an above average return on their 5G investments over the next six to 10 years.

The full 5G: Follow the Money report is available from the WWT site.

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