Mozilla says Microsoft needs to do more to simplify browser switching in Windows 11

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After -- although not necessarily because of -- endless complaints from Windows 11 users about the unnecessarily difficult process involved in changing the default web browser to something other than Edge, Microsoft finally gave in and simplified things.

But while the KB5011563 update means that the process is now much quicker and easier than it was, Microsoft has not gone far enough for many people. Among those voicing concern that the company is still putting obstacles in the way for users is Mozilla. The Firefox-maker says that Microsoft can do more to respect default browser choice on Windows.

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While there was a warm response to the tweaks that mean it is now easier to change the default web browser, it is a far from a perfect solution. Some file types continue to open in Edge, as do links from the likes of Widgets in Windows 11. And this is why there is still, many people believe, room for improvement.

In a statement about the recent change introduced by Microsoft, a Mozilla spokesperson said:

Microsoft's changes that improve the default browser setting experience for users are a step in the right direction. But more can be done to respect default browser choice on Windows. People should have the ability to simply and easily set defaults and all operating systems should offer official developer support for default status. In practice, we’d like to also see progress on reducing the number of steps required to set a new browser as default, and on opening and making APIs available for apps to set default that other Microsoft applications use.

Microsoft has given no indication that further changes are on the way, so it seems unlikely that Mozilla's dreams will come true any time soon.

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