Amazon Fire 7 (2022) tablet is very cheap

Nobody really wants a Fire 7 tablet. Most consumers would prefer an iPad or proper Android device with Google Play support. So why are Amazon's tablets being purchased? Price. Yes, folks, Amazon's little tablet is very cheap, making it a fairly decent consumption device for young children and the elderly. Don't want to spend too much on grandma for her birthday? Get her a Fire 7 tablet. She will think it is an iPad even though it is just a cheap knock-off with dismal performance.

Today, Amazon once again refreshes the Fire 7, and despite sky-high inflation, the tablet remains inexpensive. You see, the 2022 variant of the 7-inch tablet can be had for just $59.99, making it pretty much a disposable device. At that price, if it gets broken, who even cares? If you are concerned about your child breaking it, you can opt for a special "Kids" model for $109.99 that comes with a rugged case and a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+.

Amazon says the new model of Fire 7 has twice the RAM of its predecessor, but apparently, the previous model only had a paltry 1GB of memory, because the 2022 version only has 2GB. Yuck. Even sadder, storage capacity starts at just 16GB -- an absolutely pitiful amount of storage in 2022. Upgrading to 32GB will add about $20 to the price.


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Amazon Fire 7 (2022) is powered by a faster quad-core processor that Amazon claims will provide 30 percent better performance compared to the prior model. Despite the faster CPU, the battery now lasts 40 percent longer -- up to 10 hours of usage. And yes, it charges using USB-C.

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The 2022 Amazon Fire 7 can be pre-ordered here now in pink, blue, or black. The tablet will begin shipping on June 29. Keep in mind, while the $59.99 starting price sounds good, there is a big catch on top of the terrible 16GB storage. At that price, it comes with advertisements on the Lock Screen. Amazon asks an additional $15 to get the tablet without ads. If you choose a model without ads and with the increased 32GB storage, the cost goes up to $94.99.

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