New solution aims to address quantum security threats

quantum computing

We all know that quantum computing is going to offer a major boost in computing power. But that power also represents a threat to cryptographic systems, potentially putting the world's data at risk.

To address the issue QuSecure is launching an industry first end-to-end post-quantum cybersecurity (PQC) software-based solution designed to protect encrypted communications and data with quantum-resilience.

Leading experts, including Arthur Herman, senior fellow and director of the Quantum Alliance Initiative at The Hudson Institute, believe that a Cryptographically Relevant Quantum Computer (CRQC) -- a quantum computer that can break current cryptography and expose the world's encrypted communications and data -- will be available within the next three to five years.

It's also believed that nation-state attackers are currently stealing encrypted data, following a 'steal now, decrypt later' strategy to collect global encrypted data, which will be retroactively decrypted once a CRQC is available.

The new solution, QuProtect, provides quantum-resilient cryptography, anytime, anywhere and on any device. It uses an end-to-end quantum security as a service (QSaaS) security architecture that addresses the digital ecosystem's most vulnerable aspects, combining zero-trust, next-generation post-quantum-cryptography, quantum-strength keys, high availability, easy deployment, and active defense into a comprehensive and interoperable cybersecurity suite. The end-to-end approach is designed around the entire data lifecycle as data is stored, communicated, and used.

"Enterprises are charged with providing high levels of data security," says Skip Sanzeri, QuSecure's founder and COO. "We are facing the largest computer upgrade cycle in history as all public key cryptography globally needs to be upgraded to PQC. Our QuProtect solution provides organizations with a first-mover advantage as the industry accelerates toward a quantum future. QuProtect allows organizations and their clients to maintain the highest level of quantum-resilient security to address cyberthreats with minimal disruption to existing systems."

QuSecure applies post-quantum protections to all systems and devices -- from cloud, to server, to laptop, to edge and IoT -- so their communications and data are protected. Key to this is Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) which makes it possible to create quantum-resilient cryptographic keys.

It's designed to be simple to deploy, operate and manage for existing devices and systems. Any existing platform that runs cryptography can be upgraded to post-quantum through QuProtect's software-upgrade solutions.

You can find out more about QuProtect on the QuSecure site.

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