Logitech launches MX Master 3S mouse and a pair of MX Mechanical keyboards

Logitech's MX Master wireless mice are very popular with consumers, but I am not a big fan. Don't get me wrong, these mice are very well-made, but they are a bit too big for my small hands. Not to mention, I find some of the extra bells-and-whistles like the clickable thumb rest and thumb scroll-wheel to be unnecessary and distracting. In other words, not everyone will enjoy using an MX Master mouse.

Today, Logitech launches its latest such mouse -- the MX Master 3S. As the name suggests, it is only a slight improvement over the existing MX Master 3; it apparently isn't worthy of an "MX Master 4" moniker. What makes the 3S better than the 3? Essentially, it has up to 90 percent quieter clicking and an improved 8,000 DPI optical sensor. In other words, if you already have an MX Master 3, upgrading to the S variant would be a bit silly.

For the first time, Logitech is giving a mechanical keyboard "MX" branding. Actually, it is two keyboards -- the MX Mechanical and MX Mechanical Mini. As the names imply, the former is a full-sized keyboard with proper number pad while the latter is a tenkeyless variant. Like the MX Master 3S mouse, both keyboards can connect using Bluetooth or Logitech's proprietary Bolt USB receiver

"MX Mechanical and MX Mechanical Mini offer the latest generation of low profile mechanical switches. Tactile Quiet (Brown) key switch makes it Logitech’s quietest mechanical keyboard ever with an amazing mechanical typing feel. Clicky (Blue) and Linear (Red) switch options are also available in select markets. The keyboards are designed with dual-colored keycaps for an optimized peripheral view. Smart backlighting, in six lighting options, automatically adjusts brightness for ambient light and switches off when not needed for efficient battery consumption," explains Logitech.

Tolya Polyanker, the company's head of the MX Series for Creativity and Productivity adds, "There is a growing community of software developers who fell in love with mechanical keyboards when they started playing games, and now they want the same feeling of precision and control with their professional desktop keyboard. MX Mechanical combines the best of both -- Logitech’s gaming keyboard expertise with MX Master Series signature experiences."

The MX Mechanical keyboards can be purchased from Logitech directly here with the Mini variant costing $149.99 and the full-sized model going for $20 more. The MX Master 3S is available here for $99.99 in three colors -- black, gray, and graphite.

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