Glorious unveils GMMK Numpad

I absolutely hate keyboards with number pads. Why? Because I do not use the number pad -- I use the numbers on the top row of the keyboard. And so, having a number pad on my keyboard is simply wasteful. It causes the keyboard to be wider than necessary, taking up extra space on my desk. This is why I prefer tenkeyless keyboards.

Understandably, some people do prefer having a number pad. Wouldn't it be cool if number pads were simply always offered as a separate accessory? While dedicated number pads have been around for years, a new such gaming-focused product from Glorious might be the coolest ever. Called "GMMK Numpad," this macro pad connects via Bluetooth, but it can charge and connect using USB-C too. The mechanical pad even features a knob and slider. Best of all, it can be extensively configured by the user.

"GMMK Numpad packs a full suite of powerful features, several of which have never before been seen on a pad available outside of the enthusiast world. Its 17 mechanical keys, clickable rotary knob, and convenient slider are all fully configurable for a near-limitless array of uses. Powerful Bluetooth 5.0 LE connectivity delivers reliable wireless functionality, and a hotswap PCB makes changing your switches effortless," says Glorious.

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The company adds, "The GMMK Numpad comes out of the box ready to use with pre-lubed Glorious Fox Switches, GSV2 stabilizers, and shine-through ABS Doubleshot V2 keycaps. But it has been designed for complete customizability, nearly every component can be replaced with ease. An ecosystem of accessories will be available at launch, allowing you to fine-tune your pad to your personal style - including switches, switch plates, top frames, knobs, sliders, and even a PCB."

Glorious shares specifications and features below.

  • Powerful Bluetooth 5.0 LE connectivity
  • Compatible with PC, laptop, phone, tablet, macOS and more
  • Enjoy up to 76 hours of battery life
  • Dual Wired/Wireless modes w/ USB-C charging
  • Personalize its look with alternate top frame, slider, knob, switch plate, and badge options
  • 16.8 Million Per-Key RGB
  • Signature side lighting panels
  • Transparent Glorious Fox switches ensure bright and accurate backlighting
  • 17 programmable keys, plus a clickable rotary knob and versatile slider
  • Assign time-saving macros and shortcuts via Glorious CORE software
  • QMK Compatible
  • Use the slider/knob to control separate audio channels
  • Full-metal, CNC machined, anodized aluminum body
  • 5-Pin Hotswap PCB (North Facing default; South Facing optional add-on)
  • ABS Doubleshot shine-through keycaps
  • Pre-lubed Glorious GSV2 stabilizers
  • Gasket-mounted switch plate design
  • Sound dampening foam for superior sound

While the GMMK Numpad cannot be had today, Glorious will begin accepting pre-orders here on August 16 for $129.99. The company expects to begin shipping it the following month, in September 2022.

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