Microsoft launches new resource site for Java developers

Microsoft Java resource site

Whether you're currently a Java developer, someone looking to get started, or if you sit somewhere in the middle and you're looking to up your coding game, Microsoft has a new resource site for you to check out.

Described as a one-stop shop for Java developers, the site includes beginner guides to getting started in Java coding. The site also features information about deploying and scaling Java apps, and has tips and more to help developers code productively.

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Microsoft says that the launch of the site is part of the company's continued investments in the Java developer experience and ecosystem. The site is free to access and use by anyone who is interested in taking advantage of what it has to offer.

Announcing the launch of the resource site, Microsoft shares details of what it includes:

  • Resources like documentation, videos, and samples that help Java developers build and scale efficiently on Microsoft Azure or any other operating system
  • A PDF that outlines how to code, deploy, and scale Java development, empowering developers to use any tool, framework, and application server on any operating system.
  • A second paper that illustrates best practices from Microsoft on how the company itself uses Java, including significant parts of its business

You can find out more by visiting the site here.

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