iOS 16 for Apple iPhone is here and it makes Google's Android 13 look like dog poop

A few months ago, we shared with you that iOS 16 was on the way for Apple iPhone. Well, folks, today the operating system finally becomes available for iPhone 8 and higher. Yes, the five-year-old iPhone 8 can be updated to the latest version of iOS, putting Android to shame.

You see, some Android devices never get significant updates -- to get OS updates after 5 years with Android is pretty much unheard of. Yeah, being an Android user can be quite depressing, and iOS 16 makes Android 13 look like literal dog poop.

Across the globe, millions of iPhone users are updating their compatible devices to iOS 16 right now. And yes, once again, it is the best version of Apple's mobile OS ever. Around 1pm ET today, I updated my iPhone 13 Pro, and speaking from personal experience, it is absolutely spectacular. Seriously, my fellow iPhone users, you definitely want this.

Those that upgrade will immediately be presented with a new lock screen that offers many customizations, such as fonts, colors, wallpapers, widgets, and more. Notifications are now presented on the bottom of the screen rather than the top, which I rather like -- it is easier to reach when using the phone one-handed.

The most exciting thing about iOS 16, however, is the improvements to iMessage. When having a text-based conversation with someone that is also on iOS 16, you can now edit and delete messages after sending them. No, you cannot alter your messages forever -- only for two minutes after sending them.

iOS 16 is absolutely jam-packed with cool new features. There are so many changes and improvements, in fact, that it would be insane for me to try and list them all here. Instead, I invite you to read Apple's official landing page found here.

Should you upgrade to iOS 16 immediately? Uh, yeah, absolutely. If your device is compatible, you would be foolish to delay upgrading -- it really is that good. To update, simply do the normal steps of tapping "Settings," "General," and "Software Update." To make things a bit more confusing, Apple also released iOS 15.7 today, so you will be presented with both. Just skip version 15.7 and choose the superior iOS 16.

Before you upgrade, you should take a moment to thank God that you aren't on Android. Be proud that you truly are a more evolved smartphone user.

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