Google launches Nest Wifi Pro with Wi-Fi 6E

If you consider yourself a technology enthusiast, then you absolutely must have the latest and greatest in wireless networking. In other words, anybody who is anybody has a Wi-Fi 6E router. After all, the 6GHz band it adds makes regular Wi-Fi 6 far inferior.

Fans of the Google Wifi mesh system have been clamoring for a Wi-Fi 6E upgrade, and today, it finally happens! The unimaginatively named Nest Wifi Pro is here to blanket your home with that glorious 6GHz band. And yes, smart home fans, the Tri-band router (2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz) also serves as a Thread border router -- it will eventually be a Matter hub too.

"Designed with our many Wi-Fi needs in mind, each Nest Wifi Pro can accommodate nearly every connected device in a typical home. And it has the speed and capacity to handle several high-bandwidth activities at the same time, like taking video calls while watching 4K videos and streaming your security cameras. One router has the power to cover up to 2,200 square feet alone," explains Sahana Mysore, Product Manager, Google Nest Wifi.

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Mysore adds, "Nest Wifi Pro is built to constantly analyze your network performance and optimize your connection to keep it fast and avoid congestion. And it knows how to prioritize high-bandwidth activities like video calls and streaming. Automatic software updates also keep your Nest Wifi Pro running smoothly, helping protect your router and network from security threats."

The Nest Wifi Pro won't hit stores until October 27, but you can pre-order it from Google here now in four colors -- Snow, Linen, Fog, and Lemongrass. The router is priced at $199.99, but if you plan to use multiple units for mesh networking, you can save money by purchasing a 2-pack for $299.99 or a 3-pack for $399.99.

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