Protect your 2021 Apple MacBook Pro with the Satechi Eco-HardShell Laptop Case

Are Apple's MacBook laptops good computers? Yes, but they can be rather expensive. Not to mention, they aren't known for being durable. It isn't uncommon to see one of these notebook computers experiencing issues -- broken keyboards, displays, and more. Sure, you can buy an AppleCare protection plan, but you would be wise to try and prevent damage by using a case.

A new such case by Satechi is designed to protect the 2021 Apple MacBook Pro specifically. Called "Eco-HardShell Laptop Case," this product is available for both the 14-inch and 16-inch versions of Apple's macOS notebook. The two pieces simply snap onto the computer -- no tools needed.

“With premium build quality, the case provides exact cutouts designed to fit adapters and hubs, such as Satechi’s Pro Hub lineup, without any interference. The anti-slip grip feet on the bottom case allow for better heat disbursement and ensure the MacBook Pro does not easily shift around no matter the working surface. Another distinct feature is the thin air ventilation slots that keep in line with Apple’s discrete design. Flawlessly aligned, these openings ensure proper air ventilation to help keep the MacBook Pro cool," says Satechi.


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The company adds, "Satechi adds this sleek and lightweight laptop case to its collection of Apple-inspired products with a subtle glazed finish that lets the MacBook Pro’s original design shine through. Treated to be scratch and fingerprint resistant, the Eco-HardShell Case keeps users’ MacBook Pros in prime condition without obstructing the usability. Whether using for a home office setup or while on-the-go, Satechi’s new laptop case seamlessly protects and upgrades Apple’s esteemed MacBook Pro."

The Eco-HardShell Laptop Case can be purchased here now in both clear and space grey colors. Satechi is asking the same $44.99 for both the 14-inch and 16-inch models. For a limited time, however, you can save 20 percent by using coupon code MAC20 at checkout. This code will expire on October 21, so act quickly!

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