Tweetbot developer Tapbots working on Mastodon app 'Ivory' for Apple devices

As more and more people flee Twitter due to Elon Musk's questionable behavior, many of them are turning to Mastodon as an alternative. By the way, you can find BetaNews on Mastodon here (we aren't too active yet).

Unfortunately, the official Mastodon mobile app is very much lacking. Don't get me wrong, Mastodon on the web is great; it is just the official mobile app that is deficient.

To make matters worse, the sole developer of one of the best third-party Mastodon apps, MetaText, recently announced he was experiencing health issues and is unable to continue development. It was a depressing time to be a mobile Mastodon user.

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Thankfully, there is hope on the horizon. If you are a Twitter user that owns an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, there is a a good chance you have tried the excellent Tweetbot app. That Twitter client has been quite popular for several years. Well, Tapbots, the Tweetbot developer, is now working on a premium Mastodon app called "Ivory" for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac).

You can read the official announcement below.

Tapbots followed up with the below statement.

Will Ivory for Mastodon be as good as Tweetbot is for Twitter? Hopefully. It may take time for it to reach that level, however. With that said, the folks at Tapbots are very talented developers and I expect it will eventually become the best Mastodon app for Apple devices.

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