Ubuntu-based Linux Mint 21.1 'Vera' BETA ready for testing

The Linux Mint developers are targeting Christmas as the release date for version 21.1 of the operating system. Before Santa Claus delivers the stable version, however, we will first need a BETA to test for bugs. And so, today, that is exactly what we get.

Code-named "Vera," Linux Mint 21.1 BETA can be downloaded immediately for testing with your choice of three desktop environments - Cinnamon (5.6), MATE (1.26), and Xfce (4.16). Vera is based on the rock-solid Ubuntu 22.04 and comes with Linux kernel 5.15. The stable version will be supported until 2027.

Much of the excitement surrounding Linux Mint 21.1 is simply on the surface. The developers share that there are refreshed icons, a new default mouse pointer, more vibrant accent colors, better wallpapers, and new themes.

Of course, there are more substantial improvements too. The much-loved Update Manager now features proper Flatpak integration and the driver manager no longer requires a password to run (thank goodness).

Linux Mint 21.1 "Vera" BETA is likely to have bugs, so it should only be used for testing at this time. If you don't plan on reporting bugs to the developers, you might as well wait for the final stable version due on Christmas. For those that do want to give the BETA a go, you can download an ISO using the below links.

Image creditlapotnik/depositphotos.com

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