Leaked: Microsoft is bringing tabs to more apps in Windows 11

Notebook with bookmarks

Having revolutionized the way we browse the web, tabs made their way to File Explorer in Windows 11. Now, thanks to a premature -- and now-deleted -- tweet, we also know that Microsoft is looking to do the same with other apps.

A Microsoft employee shared a screenshot on Twitter that depicts an updated version of the Notepad app, complete with two open tabs. It is not known if the addition of tabs will come in the next Moment update for Windows 11, but it is something that is undergoing internal testing.

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This is a very long way from being an official announcement from Microsoft. The screenshot that was tweeted has not only been deleted, the contents of the image make it clear that the company was not yet ready to make the news public.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the tabbed version of Notepad bears a warning that reads "Confidential. Don't discuss features or take screenshots".


Although the tweet has been deleted, it was available on Twitter long enough for it to be seen by many, including Zac Bowden.

Image credit: 936+_+ / depositphotos

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