Microsoft is bringing another big update to Windows 11 in May

Laptop with Windows 11 and Microsoft logos

With Windows 11, Microsoft changed the way it releases updates for the operating system with its "Moment" updates. So far, there has only been one Moment released, but it was a significant one that saw the addition of tabs in File Explorer and more.

We've already heard rumors that the Moment 2 update is scheduled for release in March next year, but now there are also suggestions that yet another update is due in May. What is not clear, however, it whether this will be Moment 3, or what has been referred to as a Continuous Innovations update.

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The news comes courtesy of the ever-reliable WalkingCat, well-known for sharing unreleased information about Microsoft's plans. In a tweet, the dependable leaker points to May as being the month in which we can expect to see another update for Windows 11.

There is a bit of confusion about just what is meant by Continuous Innovations, but WalkingCat says that we can expect it to be an even bigger release than a Moment update:

If this rumor is correct, it means that there are at least two big updates for Windows 11 coming in the next six months.

Unsurprisingly, there is nothing official coming from Microsoft at this stage, but we should learn more as May rolls around.

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